Reading Program: Women, Rape, Gender

Sa itaas: isang street play hinggil sa rape.
Sa ibaba: glamorosang chop-chop lady.

Women, sex/sexual objectification, and shaming
          Sexual objectification: what is it?
          Sexual objectification spillover effect
          Japanese singer shaves head after sex scandal
          Marc Jacob's Dakota Fanning ad banned for being sexually provocative

Women, rape, and violence
          The rape-revenge film: biocultural implications
          Violence against women is systemic
          The violence of rape

Women, capital, and consumption
          Introduction: consumption as a gendered social practice
          Consumption and gender: a common history
          Photoshop abuse of the female body in advertising

Feminism, history, and liberation
          A woman's opinion is the mini-skirt of the internet
          How did female genital mutilation begin?
          The mission of women in the present and the future
          Marxism, feminism, and women's liberation
          International women's month 2013