Reading Program: Recent Issues re Asian Popular Culture

From James Turnbull's The Grand Narrative
        The mage gaze and the Korean mass media
        Women's typical poses in advertisements: A pain in the neck?
        Reading the "Lolita effect" in South Korea part 1
        Reading the "Lolita effect" in Korea part 2: The role of K-Pop and the Korean media in sexual socialization and the formation of body image

K-Pop, J-Pop, and Chinese pop culture
        Don't look for your feminist heroes in K-Pop (seoulbeats.com)
        The genius behind Gangnam Style (In These Times)
        Japanese singer shaves head after sex scandal (AlJazeera)
        Liu Xianping: doing gender and age (Sociological Images)
        Chinese culture and politics of "Kung Fu Panda" (New American Media)